Chapter 1


 My name is Josh Baxter. I've made it through a whole year of middle school, which is saying a lot because I did it without my dad, and I fought the Mitten Monster, too. Literally. The janitor's still probably trying to wipe up my blood from the fight. At least I had my mom, sister, friends, and video games to help me make it through this. But now I'm in hot lava. One life left. One heart. Final boss is approaching... and I'm fighting a giant mitten. That's right. After this Video Game Decathlon at our school, my four friends asked me to draw the art for their new video game they were making. My friend Chen was filling in for artist before I joined, and I don't want to be mean, but I couldn't tell the player apart from the slime monsters. Now I'm playing as little Josh, shooting death pencils at library books, burgers, and that Jell-O the lunch ladies make on Mondays. "Go, Josh!" cheers Taniko. "Kill those monsters!" "The cafeteria part is really accurate," Maya says, watching as the Mitten Monster leaps toward my character. I jump, then shoot another death pencil. "Dodge that slime monster!" Peter shouts leaping on the couch of his basement. "Kill it with flaming death pencils!" I stepped down to the floor and shot one last pencil. The Mitten Monster exploded. "Yes!" Peter cried. "Woo-hoo!" Taniko cheered. "I love this part!" Chen shouts. "The MOOOOOON," Maya chants. We all laugh and stare at the screen. It goes black. "Huh?" Chen asks. "What happened?" "Power's out?" Peter asked. Then a message scrolled down the screen.

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Give it up, y'all!


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WHAT HAPPENS?????????!!!!!!!!!!

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