So, I just was wondering, may I ask you two questions? I would really appreciate it! Here they are:


1. It`s so cool that you wrote your own book! I`m trying to write one, but I`m calling it a "story" and after I finish it I`m going to call it a "book". Any writing tips? I tend to not finish my stories after I start them.


2. Can you change things on MBs? The AGMB only has a "Home" section, and a "Forums" section. What about a "quizzes" section, and "Friends" section? A couple of the MBs have these things, but not the AGMB. I asked Admin Jen B on the WoFMB, but she hasn`t answered yet.


Thank you for looking at this, if you did, and thanks for your time. I`m actually friends with you! I thought that was so cool. Once again, thank you!

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